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When you build a website specifically to sell certain services, having the right tools is the most important aspect to having success. A learning management system is a key to providing helpful and informative elearning sessions through WordPress.

However, there are many different learning management systems, which provide different features and can accommodate different needs.

The digital age, eLearning is becoming the go-to way to learn, as completing everything online saves time, money and there is access to a potentially unlimited amount of information. The many elearning plugins for WordPress have also evolved, with new methods and tools becoming available all the time.

1) Video Lessons Manager

The Video Lessons Manager plugin from CreativeMinds is designed specifically to create and sell online courses for any topic. This plugin builds a user-friendly learning management system which is entirely video based on your WordPress website.

Video Lessons Manager - 5 Best LMS Plugins for WordPress in 2020

The pro version is $39 for 1 website and $79 for five websites, and add-on packages are available. Admin can add payment gateways for customers to pay for specific courses, and all aspects of the look and feel of the pages, posts, and videos are completely customizable.

2) Course Catalog LMS Plugin

The Course Catalog LMS plugin is an excellent all-in-one learning management system plugin. This plugin allows admin is simply create full courses, organize courses into specific categories, add descriptions, images, Google Maps, and much more. Many additional features include adding description, syllabus, periods, galleries, attachments, and more to each page in great detail.

Course Catalog LMS Plugin - 5 Best LMS Plugins for WordPress in 2020

All pages are fully optimized for SEO, can send email notifications to users, and admin can choose to show or hide any information on any page. The basic version is $39 for 2 websites and $69 for up to 5 websites. More unique features include full content moderation options by the admin, course pricing control, membership-only courses and specific user groups.

3) Download Manager

The Download Manager plugin is a tool that is tailored to organizing existing content to create online courses. It’s basically a high-quality film management system where users can upload files, photos, videos, and more, while those files can be viewed, rated and organized by the admin.

Download Manager - 5 Best LMS Plugins for WordPress in 2020

Some great features of this plugin which make it great for eLearning are the ability to protect individual files with passwords, pay for files with a payment gateway and more. Also, the pro version is $39 for 1 website and $69 for up to five websites.

4) LifterLMS

LifterLMS is a free plugin available from, which creates a full interactive online classroom to create a community of courses and interactive engagement. In addition, to online classes, the plugin can enable private online learning areas for more focused study, as well as provide students with extra assignments, advanced quizzes and other learning advantages.

LifterLMS has a simple set up process and a very user-friendly online dashboard to create and manage all online interactive activity within WordPress. This plugin easily integrates with third-party payment systems like PayPal and Stripe as well as content management apps like Mailchimp and WooCommerce.

5) Tooltip Glossary

The Tooltip Glossary plugin lets users create a full online glossary of terms, like a dictionary or encyclopedia, and have terms available to popup when they are hovered over on multiple pages and posts. Several different templates are available with this fully customizable tooltip as well.

Tooltip Glossary - 5 Best LMS Plugins for WordPress in 2020

One advantage of this plugin is its ability to greatly increase the look and feel of the pages as well as improve the overall SEO of the WordPress website with keyword terms. Customers can also find detailed videos and help documentation. The pro version is $29 for 1 website and $59 for up to five websites.


In conclusion, all of the WordPress plugins listed above are great learning management systems which provide a user-friendly, affordable, and informative way for admin to create and distribute their content effectively and make their WordPress website a success.

Some of the plugins in this list offer a free version, so it’s a good idea to do some research and decide which of these plugins and their features would work well to provide your WordPress website with success. Whether it’s for online learning or e-commerce integration, there is a learning management system plugin out there that is right for you.