Promote and Advertise your Business in ListWP

Promote and Advertise your Business in ListWP

Adding your business to ListWP is completely free.

There are several ways to promote and advertise your business listing on ListWP including search results, tags, sponsorships, and ad space. Choose which one is right for your business and allows ListWP to help your WordPress business success.

Search Results Promotion

You can promote your business within ListWP search results and related businesses lists, optimizing the location of your business within the results. This increases the chances of your business listing being found within ListWP.

Ad Space

We have several ad spots which you can book to advertise your business and promote your own banners. The ad space is 300*600px. Please send a link to us so we can review the ad. You will be notified before an ad is posted.


You can add your logo to the list of sponsors which appears at the footer. The logo size should be around 120px in width and up to 50px in height.


You can add up to five tags to advertise your business listing. Please include the tags you want in your request. Adding more tags will increase your chances of WordPress users finding your WordPress business listing. However, it is important that all the tags included are relevant to your WordPress site.

For more information, please use the contact form below:

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