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WordPress communities are an important part of WordPress, since they unite WP users across the globe. Local communities contribute to the success of WordPress and are a good way to connect with other WordPress influencers around the world. These WordPress communities help build a better WordPress user experience including products and services.

The following WordPress communities directory includes communities that have already been established in various areas worldwide, and consistently hold gatherings and conferences for WordPress users and influencers. These meetups and WordCamps features international speakers and audiences to further the success of WordPress. This list of WordPress communities continues to grow every day and each community features meetups, support, updates and information about the most popular ideas involving WordPress.

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WordCamp Cape Town Page clicks: 127 Page visits: 0
WordCamp Buenos Aires Page clicks: 128 Page visits: 0
Wordpress Francophone Page clicks: 132 Page visits: 0
WP Croatia Page clicks: 112 Page visits: 0
WP India Page clicks: 116 Page visits: 0
WP Serbia Page clicks: 134 Page visits: 0
Wordpress Malta Page clicks: 126 Page visits: 0
WordCamp Norway Page clicks: 129 Page visits: 0
WordCamp Vancouver Page clicks: 127 Page visits: 0
WordCamp Switzerland Page clicks: 117 Page visits: 0
Dublin Wordpress Page clicks: 118 Page visits: 0
Wordpress Estonia Meetup Page clicks: 113 Page visits: 0
Wordpress Cairo Meetup Page clicks: 125 Page visits: 0
WordCamp Polska Page clicks: 122 Page visits: 0
Wordpress Meetup Antwerp Page clicks: 115 Page visits: 0
Brussels Wordpress Page clicks: 130 Page visits: 0
WordCamp Slovensko Page clicks: 114 Page visits: 0
Wordpress Singapore Page clicks: 122 Page visits: 0

This WordPress communities directory is an excellent resource for WordPress users to find local or regional groups for face to face meetups or simply learn more about WordPress is a particular geographical area. This is a one stop shop for any WordPress user looking for a specific group to even to add a group. This WordPress communities directory lists the communities by name, location, description, social media pages, website, address, images and more. Everything about the events of a specific community or even member lists can be found in each group.

Simply search for a specific WordPress community or meetup and find all the relevant information about that groups events and get involved. These WordPress communities currently span five continents and over twenty countries, so there is a community for everyone. There are hundreds of WordPress communities which cover a variety of topics all dealing with WordPress, and this directory serves as a platform for other WordPress users to easily find communities.