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WordPress is the most popular content management system used around the world, and that means it has the ability to perform many different functions. There any many themes and plugins available for WordPress as well, which add in its diverse functionality.

WordPress can be used to create a learning management system, blogs, table of contents, directories, calendars, image galleries, videos and much more. Another helpful function that it can help perform is the sending and receiving of emails.

WordPress is probably best known as a blogging platform, but its functionality has grown over the years so it is now also a powerful website builder. Sending and receiving emails is a simple and major component of many websites.

In addition, WordPress is known for its user-friendly interface as well as installation and setup process, it’s wide selection of themes and plugins, its security options, and more. Having WordPress send and receive email can also eliminate the need for a third-party application, as everything is sent and received through the WordPress platform.

1) WordPress Is Fully Customizable

WordPress is incredibly customizable as a website builder. That’s why it’s so popular, as you can be a complete beginner with web design or websites in general and have no issues with WordPress. No prior coding or programming knowledge is necessary.

WordPress also provides thousands of free website templates to choose from, to give our website a unique look. There are templates for all types of websites from blogs to online stores and every part of them are customizable.

There are options to change colors, text size, background, create sliders, upload images or video and much more. There are also thousands of free and paid plugins to upload on your WordPress website, which all have their own customizable setting options.

2) WordPress is Very Secure

WordPress is known for being a safe and secure online platform, and was developed with security features to keep hackers out. Also, there are quite a few plugins available that can add extra layers of security functionality to your WordPress website.

Some common security issues that WordPress users face include brute force attacks, malware, spam logins and comments, and data hacking. Implementing security issues like two factor authentication at login or adding security plugins to automatically detect and block unwanted users helps keep your website safe.

Having a secure website is essential when sending or receiving emails. Having security measures in place means that your emails will leave your WordPress website and make it to their destination quickly, and all replies will be received as well. In addition, there will be no chance of your emails not being delivered or re-routed elsewhere.

3) WordPress Supports Media Files

WordPress as a platform supports all different types of content from text to images to videos to file uploads and beyond. Having good video capabilities with WordPress is vital for email because many people include file attachments or other media in emails.

It’s vital that emails sent or received through WordPress can include any and all content so the emails will not get through and having email through WordPress will not be a successful option.

4) WordPress is User-Friendly

WordPress is an incredibly user-friendly online platform that can be used by everyone from beginners to highly skilled programmers. In addition to being easy to setup and install, WordPress also has a super easy to use management interface and backend dashboard for users.

WordPress users can use the admin dashboard to complete all the important tasks, including updating themes and plugins or changing settings. Most changes can be made on the dashboard with the simple click of one button and everything is clearly marked or colored coded.

5) WordPress Email Plugins

There are many email WordPress plugins available as having email with WordPress is a popular option, as WordPress is so increasingly popular. These email WordPress plugins provide different types of functionality as well, depending on what you need or want.

Choose the email WordPress plugin that is right for you based on the functionality that you need. SMTP, or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is a simple communication protocol that allows the transfer of email over the internet and is an ideal choice for any email communication through WordPress.

The Email SMTP Plugin by CreativeMinds allows users to configure a mail gateway so you can easily send emails from your WordPress website using your preferred SMTP server. The plugin supports logging sent emails, external SMTP integration, multiple gateway configuration and more.

Having a reliable SMTP plugin is a good idea for any WordPress site. These plugins allow the site admin to choose which SMTP service to use and bypasses the normal WordPress email functionality. While a SMTP plugin can seem very technical, it is ideal for all types of WordPress users.

In addition to making your website’s email more secure, having the SMTP gateway helps prevent WordPress emails from being blocked by popular free email providers like Gmail.


Emails are the preferred method of transferring information online, and it makes sense that email would also be an essential part of running and managing a successful WordPress site.

Having an SMTP plugin on your WordPress site is a good idea, and there are many good options available. In addition, using WordPress provides security, user-friendly options, and fully customization to create the website and email functionality that you want.