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Forms are an excellent way to quickly get information from people online. Forms exist to allow users to add their information, from their name to answers to questions on specific topics. Forms are also simple to add to websites.

Using forms in WordPress is a good idea since forms are a simple to create and add to any website. Forms are responsive, and many are also mobile responsive, they are fully customizable to fit the look and feel of a website, and can include pre-filled responses.

Forms are an essential and popular addition to any WordPress website, and from plugins are some of the most downloaded plugins with WordPress. The function of a form is clear and they can be rather simple if you want to get collaborative information.

However, there are alternative ways to collect information in WordPress, instead of with forms. Forms tend to include data like addresses, names, phone numbers, comments, etc. But other ways of collecting data can include images, video, surveys, charts, and more. The possibilities are nearly infinite.

The form alternatives in this list include ways to add additional functionality to forms or collect data in more shareable ways. Collecting data is an essential tasks for many businesses, includes anyone with a directory, as a way to keep track of clients or start an email list.

1) Pop-Up Forms Builder Add-On For WordPress

The Pop-Up Forms Builders Add-On for WordPress by CreativeMinds is an add-on to the pop-up forms builder. This add-on allows users to add forms to pop-ups, fly-ins, full-screen banners and more on your website.


Pop-ups allow users provide information about changes, sales, alerts and more on any post or page of your website. Adding forms to these pop-ups allows users to answer questions about products or services. This add-on includes a visual form builder to add customized fields for feedback and customer support.

2) Google Forms

Google Forms is Google’s answer to contact forms. With Google Forms you can easily create and organize information for free. There are forms available specifically for personal use as well as forms that are designed for business purposes.

Google Forms makes it simple to easily create, edit and share a form with others. Create a survey or responsive form, add images and video, and customize it. Google Forms always you to add multiple collaborators as well. It’s also available for Android and iOS.

3) Business Directory Forms Add-On For WordPress

The Business Directory Forms Add-On for WordPress by CreativeMinds is an easy way to add forms to a business directory. This add-on allows admin to add a contact form to the listing pages, which helps users interact with the business owner.

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The add-on allows admin to drag and drop a contact form and include fields like checkbox, multi-line text, date, single-line text and more. Whenever a user provides the information in the form, the business owner gets a customized email.

This add-on is ideal for lead capture, booking a phone call or appointment, getting referrals and getting additional specific information for detailed forms like business industry or amount of employees.

4) Formstack

Formstack is an easy to use forms alternative that will take your WordPress data collection to the next level. Formstack is also a great automation and optimization tool for any WordPress website.

This data alternative is great for lead generation, surveys, event registrations and more. This form also includes extra layers of protection including SSL and encryption. Users can generate custom proposals, applications, contracts, letters, create e-signatures and sync data across Android and iOS applications.

5) Member Directory Form Add-On For WordPress

The Member Directory Form Add-On For WordPress by CreativeMinds is a way to support adding a form to a member directory. Easily add a contact form to the listings, which allows users to interact with the members.

Admin can create the form, enable the form on specific posts or pages, customize the email messages which are sent when the form is filled in, and translates the labels to the language of choice.

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Anyone with a member directory can easily create a contact form with the drag and drop editor and add fields like name, email, dropdown menus and more. When a user adds their information to the form, the admin will get customized messages.


A contact form is one of the most important elements you need on your website. You can get information from your customers and users like their name, address, phone, interests, email, comments and more.

WordPress form builders are very user-friendly and great for businesses with member directories, product directories, business directories and more. However, collecting data from users doesn’t have to stop at WordPress forms.

It’s possible to get images, videos, charts and other things to keep information together. It’s possible to gather form responses in one place and share them across multiple websites and platforms.

Using data collection alternatives like the ones in this list are a good way to gather feedback and responses and easily share them with others. Collecting data also means that the data can be analyzed and tracked for optimization and lead generation purposes.