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Search engine optimization, or seo, is the process of affecting the unpaid search engine ranking of a website so that it will receive more visitors. In the digital age, marketing on social media continues to reach new heights and businesses everywhere are constantly fighting for the top spot in a search engine.

The business of seo is highly profitable and the tactics and strategies used to achieve good seo are always changing and updating. There are dozens of businesses that cater to WordPress success, but only a handful advertise search engine optimization as the main tool for business success. The following companies advertise as having top notch seo skills to WordPress businesses, in order to give companies the boost they need to become visible to millions more customers in search engines.

In addition, their seo practices can improve everything from a company’s individual page to its local seo ranking and even it’s link building abilities. Seo and WordPress really go hand in hand, so it’s important to be using the most effective tactics and non-penalizing strategies to achieve business success.

1) Lead to Conversion

Lead to Conversion

A National SEO, SEM, and Social Media Marketing Agency with a focus on increasing online exposure and targeted traffic to client sites.
  • 105 Executive Parkway Suite 405
  • Hudson
  • United States
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Lead to Conversion is a top notch seo company that uses an effective eight step seo plan to ensure business success on WordPress. With a free audit the company figures out the immediate needs of you company and develops an effective strategy to improve your search engine ranking with an emphasis on content marketing. The company also specials in video seo and video optimization, to visually attract more consumers organically.

ListWP Business Directory Lead to Conversion

ListWP Business Directory Lead to Conversion

2) Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media

Website Design, Online Marketing, & Mobile App Development with Stunning Results.
  • 102 Madison Ave, Second Floor
  • New York City
  • United States
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Blue Fountain Media is focused on creative and results driven solutions for seo. Get landing page optimization, link building, content outreach, and a free seo audit on top of email marketing, conversion rate optimization and more. The companies monthly services hep create and implement a successful seo strategy for all types of companies around the world.

ListWP WordPress Business Directory Blue Fountain Media

ListWP WordPress Business Directory Blue Fountain Media

3) JA Publications

JA Publications

WordPress Development, Custom Software Applications, & SEO/SEM.

In the world of seo, JA Publications takes an aggressive approach to ensure success. For a one time fee, the company will tear through as its and discover every bit of change that can occur to improve seo and have business success. They offer a variety of seo services from copywriting to link building to organic seo help with an impressive turnaround time.

ListWP Business Directory JA Publications SEO

ListWP Business Directory JA Publications

4) Tasty Placement

Tasty Placement

Michael David heads up and founded the TastyPlacement digital ad agency.
  • 1701 Directors Blvd Ste 520
  • Austin
  • United States
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Tasty Placement are the authors of the best-selling book WordPress 3 Search Engine Optimization, as well as being a Google and Google Analytics Certified Partner. The company takes seo a step further by integrating mobile seo, recovery help from Panda or Penguin, and in depth Facebook advertising. Tasty Placement adds infographic development to visually bring in more customers across the various image friendly social networking universe.

ListWP Business Directory Tasty Placement SEO

ListWP Business Directory Tasty Placement

5) Complete Web Resources

Complete Web Resources

When you're looking for a local SEO company, there are a few thing we offer that most SEO providers don't. We're owner operated and our best and brightest, top tier people are actively engaged and working on every client campaign. We offer our SEO services on a month-to-month basis, which means we're held accountable to perform for clients each and every month. We're also masters of local search markets, and our campaigns target all the requisite elements to get you to the top of search rankings.
  • 1800 Lavaca St #109j
  • Austin
  • United States
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The Complete Web Resources company really lives up to its name, by providing users with seo for design, security, video, plugins, ecommerce and more. Focus on keyword research, local seo, check broken links or change meta descriptions easily to make simple but highly effective seo changes to your site. There is no stone unturned with this company, that makes sure each client has seo success from RSS feeds to email to Google advertising.

ListWP Business Directory Complete Web Resources SEO

ListWP Business Directory Complete Web Resources

6) The Portland Company

The Portland Company

We aim to be the best Portland website design company. Also offering Google AdWords management and SEO services.
  • 29781 SW Town Center Loop W
  • Wilsonville
  • United States
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The Portland Company offers unique social media marketing and search engine optimization to clients, including thirty minutes of support, a development plan, installation of Google Web Master Tools, and various other tactics to bring out the best option for success for each specific website. Clients can choose specific services that fit their needs to create a new seo marketing plan from scratch. The Portland Company also creates plugins, websites design and development, and other marketing opportunities, so seo can be embedded in as much of your site as possible.

ListWP Business Directory The Portland Company SEO

ListWP Business Directory The Portland Company


Small Business SEO consulting... have over 10 years experience with websites and ecommerce shopping carts, website marketing.
  • 729 Calle Perlino
  • San Clemente
  • United States
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This company specializes in providing seo to small businesses across the globe. Run by seo consultant Jared Mitchell, potential clients are audited for seo success, and if the end results are not satisfactory, then clients are not taken on. This recipe for success in unusual, but effective for a company that provides everything from websites reworks to constant Google Analytics tracking available to clients 24/7.

ListWP Business Directory

ListWP Business Directory

8) WholeGrain Digital

WholeGrain Digital

Wholegrain is a WordPress Web Design & Development Agency based in London providing WordPress services to clients in the UK & abroad. Get in touch!
  • st floor New Zealand House, 80 Haymarket, Westminster
  • London
  • United States
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At WholeGrain Digital,  providing successful seo to each business is the main priority, so an in-depth strategy is developed and executed over a well planned timeline plenty of research and support. From beginner to advanced techniques, the company provides unique and effective ways to achieve search engine optimization success without breaking the bank. Whole Grain Digital also offers niche seo practices such as video seo, shop seo and news seo to attract a new brand of consumers.

ListWP Business Directory Whole Grain Digital SEO

ListWP Business Directory Whole Grain SEO

9) Anuva

Anuva is a leading WordPress seo agency that connects clients with millions of potential customers and aim higher than the top spot in a search engine. The company offer specialized seo services like targeted marketing, industry specific marketing and even various link building strategies. Anuva also works on helping companies recover from search engine penalties quickly without damaging their social media business reputation.

ListWP Business Directory Anuva SEO

ListWP Business Directory Anuva

10) Guru Effect

Guru Effect

Michael George is an SEO consultant living in Phoenix, AZ but working worldwide.
  • 5025 N Central Ave, #532
  • Phoenix
  • United States
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The Guru Effect is a full service SEO consultant company based in the United States that caters to smaller companies across the globe. They offer services that ranges from social media outreach to content editing to on or off page optimization and even seo audits. The company also offers in depth social media coverage for both Facebook and Google+.

ListWP Business Directory Guru Effect

ListWP Business Directory Guru Effect

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