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Search is one of the essential functions online, and search plugins are important for WordPress website success. Search plugins are important because they help a user easily navigate a WordPress site, eliminating frustration and confusion. The bigger a website is, the more need there is for a good search plugin.

While most search plugin have a similar functionality, it is important to find the best search plugin for your WordPress site. Site speed is a major factor in determining a good search plugin, because the plugin settings can change the site speed. Different plugins can handle varying amounts of website content, and some of these search plugins are free and some are premium.

1) SearchWP


The Best WordPress Search Plugin you can Find.

SearchWP is a top rated premium WordPress plugin, with many advanced search options. Users can search for various different types of content, or create section specific searches for greater functionality. SearchWP can make finding specific content super easy and efficient.

searchwp ListWP Business Directory

searchwp ListWP Business Directory

2) Relevanssi


Fix your WordPress search.
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Relevanssi is a developer friendly plugin with both free and premium versions. Many settings can be changed, such as creating customized categorized search and support multiple websites at the same time. This plugin also has a spellcheck feature, as well as successful searches feature so familiar searches don’t have to be retyped every time.

Relevanssi ListWP Business Directory

Relevanssi ListWP Business Directory

3) Swiftype

Swiftype ListWP Business Directory


The easiest way to add great search to your website or mobile app.

Swfitype is a premium search plugin that offers unique functionality by lettings users drag and drop search results to their liking. The major feature of the plugin is autocompleted search, like Google, as well as many customizable features. Users can also access search analytics and use the plugin on multiple websites.

Swiftype ListWP Business Directory

Swiftype ListWP Business Directory

4) Search & Filter Pro

ListWP Business Directory Search & filter Pro

Search & Filter Pro

Design, Development and WordPress

Search & Filter Pro is an ideal plugin choice for any website dealing with ecommerce, and is very compatible with Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce. Users can search by post types or products and this premium plugin can filter searches by metadata. Search & Filter Pro is a good choice for larger websites and allows users to drag and drop search results for easier access.

Search & Filter Pro ListWP Business Directory

Search & Filter Pro ListWP Business Directory

5) Search Everything

ListWP Business Directory Zemanta


Zemanta recommends your content to a diverse network of engaged communities around the web, bringing new readers to your site.
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Search Everything is a highly popular search plugin that is completely free. This plugin has a unique feature called Research Everything that allows users to easily link searched content to posts or pages. Search Everything offers users the ability to search without modifying template pages and is highly customizable for any type of search.

Zemanta ListWP Business Directory

Zemanta ListWP Business Directory

6) Profi Search Form

Envato Market

Everything you need for your next creative project.

Easily create helpful search forms for WordPress with the Profi Search Form plugin. Users can choose search templates, set up category search, order search by value and much more. The plugin is very compatible with WooCommerce and other ecommerce plugins.

Profi Search Form ListWP Business Directory

Profi Search Form ListWP Business Directory

7) Dave’s WordPress Live Search

Dave's Wordpress Live Search ListWP Business Directory

Dave's Wordpress Live Search

Sr. Engineering Manager at @10up. Software developer. Runner. Tech history buff. Feral, shy, and abused cat socializer. I probably own computers older than you

Dave’s WordPress Live Search is an free plugin with excellent live search functionality. Users need to enable JavaScript to use the live search function, but search works fine without it. The plugin is very user friendly, both easy to setup and easy to use. This plugin is ideal for smaller websites, so it don’t affect site speed or limit search content.

Dave's WordPress Live Search ListWP Business Directory

Dave’s WordPress Live Search ListWP Business Directory

8) WP Ultimate Search

MindShare Studios ListWP Business Directory

MindShare Studios

Mindshare Studios creates web and mobile applications that run natively on iOS or Android as well as in the cloud with scalable architecture, real-time data and high availability.
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WP Ultimate Search is a good search plugin that supports autocompleting with quick results. Users can filter search results to multiple categories for more efficient results. This plugin also supports searching both content or titles and can be linked to analytics.

WP Ultimate Search ListWP Business Directory

WP Ultimate Search ListWP Business Directory

9) Better Search

Webber Zone ListWP Business Directory

Webber Zone

In mid-2015, WebberZone began a new chapter by entering into the world of WordPress plugin development. In the first phase we took over the plugins originally written by Ajay D’Souza.

Better Search is a free search plugin that highlights search results so users can find what they are looking for faster. There is also search heat map widget, which, tracks popular user searches. Users can sort search results by date or by relevance and search post types, content, or pages.

Better Search WebberZone ListWP Business Directory

Better Search WebberZone ListWP Business Directory

10) Ajax Search Pro

WP Dreams ListWP Business Directory

WP Dreams

WP Dreams.

Ajax Search Pro is one of the most customizable search plugin available. Users can customize results to display is eye catching ways, such as like snapshots. This plugin is ecommerce friendly, supporting multiple pages and is very responsive. Ajax Search Pro is a premium plugin that has autocomplete functionality and many customizable search fields.


WPDreams ListWP Business Directory

WPDreams ListWP Business Directory

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