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Pietras Creative

Pietras Creative is a cutting edge website design and hosting company established in 2012. We create high quality websites that work and without any defects. Each and every website that we build we fully support from day one and beyond.

Our Hosting-

All websites that we build are fully hosted on our private server, the server is fully optimized for security, speed and reliability. Our server uses the latest technology available like LightSpeed Web Server, MariaDB, Zend Opcache and Solid State Storage Drives (SSD).

We Specialize In WordPress-

We build all websites on the WordPress Platform. WordPress is the most widely used platform on the planet and it has endless possibilities on what you can create with it.

A New Standard-

We are striving to build a new standard for the website industry that specializes in WordPress. Some companies are just offering support and others are just offering design services. 90% do not even offer hosting optimized for platforms like WordPress. We have not seen these services offered together yet.

Why not get all three services from one place? After all, the best person to support or host your website is the one who designed it in the first place.

Thats where Pietras Creative comes in and offers all three services at very competitive rates.