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Sprout Apps

WordPress apps for small businesses.

Sprout Apps is a Sprout Venture by Dan Cameron (me).

The TL;DR Sprout Apps Story

Sprout Apps was built because of the many frustrating years using invoicing services Freshbooks and Harvest as a freelancer at Sprout Venture. With our experience in building and supporting premium WordPress products for clients we made the decision to start Sprout Apps on our own in mid-2014.

“ɯe” or “me”

Sprout Apps is not a company full of staff, nor is Sprout Venture. At the moment Sprout Apps development, support, and janitorial work is all done by me. Don’t fret, this isn’t some one-off project—I’m committed to Sprout Apps for the long run. I also have plans, as soon as possible (and when necessary), to create a support and development team similar to what we have for other Sprout Venture client projects.

Sprout Venture

Sprout Venture started in 2008 to kick off my freelance web development “career”. Over the years I’ve been lucky to work with a lot of great designs and developers, and we’ve been lucky to work on some awesome projects. One of those projects is Smart eCart (formally Group Buying Site), a Premium WordPress Social E-Commerce plugin that we’ve been developing and supporting since 2009. This project amongst others have provided us with some great experience with premium products and made me determined to build Sprout Apps on my own.


If you want to know more about Sprout Apps get in touch. Twitter is probably your best option but we have a contact form.