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Bruce Demo

Company: CreativeMinds

Position: Developer


On the left side above the expert picture you can see the option Login and Edit - click Show/hide.

You will see two fields where you need to enter Login and Password. The CM Expert Directory Community add-on allows users to edit expert pages they own even not being registered as a site user.

When the user suggests a new expert page or claims the existing one (which is not owned by anyone yet), he enters his email. If his claim is approved, he can get credentials which allow to login and edit the expert page.

To try it in action, use the following credentials:

Login: 8af87f0276cbcf613eab49edd9e725b2

Password: d1b26fbf2a3f838eb7e5af7995ef9c7e

After you make the changes on the page, it will be held for moderation - the changes can be committed when the admin approves it.