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Product Directory Plugin

The WordPress Product Discovery Directory plugin simplifies building enriched product pages, offering an easy-to-navigate index, multimedia features, and payment options for listings.

Our plugin streamlines the creation of a detailed product catalog, offering a rich presentation of products with comprehensive descriptions and multimedia elements. It’s an essential tool for organizing and showcasing a wide variety of products in a captivating way.


Key Features:

  • Customizable Index Page: Tailor the directory’s main page with a selection of design templates.
  • Category Management: Assign products to multiple categories for better organization.
  • Advanced Taxonomies: Utilize custom taxonomies for enhanced filtering.
  • Catalog Customization: Personalize the catalog’s appearance, including layout and theme, directly from the settings.
  • Product Tagging: Implement tags for improved searchability within the catalog.
  • Advanced Search: Use sophisticated filters for searching by categories, tags, or keywords.
  • Analytics: Keep track of product page performance and export statistics.
  • Google Maps Integration: Visualize the location of businesses related to products.
  • Custom Metadata: Add extra information fields to product listings.
  • Shortcode Support: Display product categories or individual items using shortcodes.
  • Data Portability: Transfer product data between sites with ease.
  • Advertising Options: Integrate ads into product pages and search results.
  • Community Contributions: Enable public contributions to the product listings.
  • Monetization Tools: Monetize the directory with payment options for listing submissions.
  • User Feedback: Gather reviews and ratings with a specialized plugin.


This plugin ensures a seamless user journey through the directory with its robust index page and search functionalities. It also supports financial transactions, allowing for the addition and upkeep of product listings, fostering a dynamic and current product directory.

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