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Podcasts are a relatively new form of digital media that consists of audio or video broadcasts of information in an episodic format. Podcasts are usually broadcast online over computers or mobile devices, which can be viewed or downloaded by users. WordPress podcasts have been gaining in popularity for several years, since it’s a good medium to reach millions of people quickly.

WordPress podcasts range from covering information about plugins, themes, tech news, development, consulting, videos and more. The following podcasts are long running, well listened programs that are jam packed with all types of information about WordPress.

1) Apply Filters

Apply Filters is a WordPress podcast that specializes in any and all things development. Run by Brad Touesnard and Pippin Williamson, the podcast features the latest in WordPress development with interviews from top people in the industry. With nearly fifty episodes already completed, this podcast is filled with great information and is also available through iTunes.

ListWP Business Directory Apply Filters WordPress Podcasts

ListWP Business Directory Apply Filters

2) BlogAid


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  • Nashville
  • United States
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BlogAid is a wonderful tool for WordPress beginners. This weekly audio podcast covers everything from plugin reviews to bug fixes to set up and content marketing.

Each podcast can be accompanied with hundreds of video tutorials to help users understand and use everything bit of information to make their site better. BlogAid offers users the chance to learn and grow with WordPress with all the videos they need right in one place on the web.

ListWP Business Directory BlogAid WordPress Podcasts

ListWP Business Directory BlogAid

3) KitchenSinkWP


Everything WordPress except the kitchen sink!

KitchensinkWP strives to offer everything – except the kitchen sink. With nearly one hundred podcasts available, users can stay in the know about the latest WordPress news and get updates about international Wordcamp events. The audio podcasts contain great tips and interviews about WordPress, while offering great resources and information for free.

ListWP Business Directory KitchenSinkWP WordPress Podcasts

ListWP Business Directory KitchenSinkWP


4) Genesis Office Hours

Genesis Office Hours

Live every Thursday at 2pEST to talk about the business of WordPress. Hosted by cdils.

Office Hours FM is a weekly, live podcast hosted by WordPress enthusiast Carrie Dils. With seventy-five episodes and counting, this podcast encourages audience interaction by offering question and answers sessions on air to help spread knowledge about WordPress. This WordPress podcast focuses on highlighting businesses or individuals who have found success through WordPress, in every field from plugin development to marketing.

ListWP Business Directory Genesis Office Hours WordPress Podcasts

ListWP Business Directory Genesis Office Hours

5) Matt Report

Matt Report

A WordPress business podcast & web show for entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and the like.

The Matt Report is an hour long podcast aimed at business owners who are building WordPress businesses. This podcast focuses on explaining the fundamentals of WordPress for freelancers, designers, small business owners and more. With nearly one hundred episodes, this podcast always features insight from top businesses in WordPress, both good and bad, with dozens of videos and information about how to be successful in WordPress.

ListWP Business Directory Matt Report WordPress Podcasts

ListWP Business Directory Matt Report

6) Marketing Press

Marketing Press

Goal Oriented WordPress Design & Development Company located in AZ & NJ.
  • 502 S College Ave
  • Tempe
  • United States
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Marketing Press offers WordPress solutions to users through video tutorials and information sessions called Marketing Press TV. This video podcast contain over fifty episodes of WordPress tips, tricks and features to ensure business success and growth. Marketing Press TV features insights from leading WordPress entrepreneurs and covers topics from WordPress implementation to site maintenance.

ListWP Business Directory Marketing Press WordPress Podcasts

ListWP Business Directory Marketing Press

7) PressThis

Press This

Slocum Studio is positioned to work with your team to achieve a finely tuned WordPress solution that meets your needs. Our skilled user experience driven development team is backed by web marketing and business development specialists that marry the perfect solution for your next project.
  • Boston
  • United States
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PressThis is a WordPress video podcast by Slocum Studio, with hours and hours of WordPress tips available exclusively on YouTube. The podcast is a great resources for in-depth plugin reviews, themes, and the latest in WordPress news. The WordPress podcasts run between ten and twenty minutes long and offer great tutorial advice and guidance for users from beginners and advanced.

ListWP Business Directory Press This WordPress Podcasts

ListWP Business Directory Press This

8) DradCast


DradCast is a WordPress video podcast brought to you by williamsba and dremeda. Pressing all the words!

DradCast is a long running video WordPress podcast with Brad Williams and Dre Armeda. Currently about to launch it’s third incarnation, the podcast features great weekly guest hosts and no WordPress topics are off limits. The weekly show has nearly one hundred episodes that cover themes, plugins, development and beyond.

ListWP Business Directory Dradcast WordPress Podcasts

ListWP Business Directory Dradcast

9) The WordPress Chick Podcast

The Wordpress Chick

WordPress Happiness Made Easy! StudioPress Genesis tutorials and helping you build your WordPress Digital Strategy.
  • Brentwood
  • United States
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The WordPress Chick podcast is a great resource for WordPress users who enjoy interviews with WordPress influencers. With over seventy episodes, this podcast includes great one on one interviews with successful entrepreneurs. The WordPress Chick podcast includes invaluable information about WordPress from developers to designers and beyond, as well as tons of free resources to help users achieve success.

ListWP Business Directory The WordPress Chick Podcast WordPress Podcasts

ListWP Business Directory The WordPress Chick Podcast

10) WordPress Radio

Wordpress Radio

WordPress Radio - A 24/7 Streaming Audio that's All WordPress All The Time. WPR.FM

WordPress Radio is a unique 24/7 audio broadcast about WordPress. This WordPress podcast was also one of the first to be rebroadcast on SiriusXM Radio, and features lengthy, unedited tips and advice for doing better with WordPress. With over two hundred episodes in the archive, every topic from plugin reviews to entrepreneur interviews to tips and tricks is covered all on one website.

ListWP Business Directory WordPress Radio WordPress Podcasts

ListWP Business Directory WordPress Radio


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