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The world of WordPress is full of endless possibilities, so many that sometimes it is hard to determine which are the best tools to try, which companies are best to work with, and what trends you should follow for your next project. WordPress development firms cover many aspects of WordPress and choosing the right WordPress development firm is important of WordPress success.

While it is impossible to say which WordPress development firms are “the best”, we wanted to take a look at interesting companies that do things a bit differently from all the rest.

We searched through the web and found 10 small to medium-size WordPress development firms that have a special touch to their work, each with their own speciality. Whether you’re interested in a savvy design, content oriented marketing or intricate problem solving, this list should help you find what you’re looking for.

Website and Theme Design


We are a digital agency who creates the best graphic design, web experiences and mobile products to promote companies who dare to be different.
  • Vía 5, 2-24 Bodega 2, zona 4
  • Guatemala
View Details is a Guatemalan company that specializes in responsive WordPress design that makes extensive use of video and animations to create ultra modern websites. The brain child of two innovative digital agencies, every project is approached with the same idea: great things can be accomplished when you devote yourself to them. has a hand in everything from idea conceptualization to web development and covers every aspect of the digital world no matter how big or small. The company learns, creates, changes and launches incredible designs and won’t rest until the clients are satisfied with their top quality results.

ListWP WordPress Directory Nadd Web Design

Nadd Web Design Portfolio Page

Evoke Designs

The Official Fan Page of Evoke Designs.
  • Toronto
  • Canada
View Details

Looking through the portfolio of this Canadian web design firm, there are astonishing websites, many of which were designed for the performing arts niche. The use of beautiful images, combined with eye catching background layers, create an outcome which is truly inspiring: you almost feel like you’re on stage with the dancers! The entire page is seamless and engaging. The visually stunning creations bring design, development, and marketing ideas to life and make businesses stand out to customers long after they have clicked away from the page.

evoke- interesting wordpress development firms

Beautifully designed website built by Evoke Studios

Brasa Design

A Brazilian web design company, specializing in WordPress.

There are many beautiful websites out there, but looking through the Brasa website is simply a joy to the eye. This Brazil based creative design company encorporates unique illustrations and authentic works of art inside the websites they build. With visually stunning pops of color, each unique creation by Brasa is meant to capture your attention. The outcome is truly astonishing, and redefines “thinking outside the box”.

ListWP WordPress Directory Brasa

ListWP WordPress Directory Brasa

WordPress Content and Marketing

Powered By Coffee

Websites MADE from caffeine. Web Design and Development agency. Loves typography, grids, responsive design, HTML5, CSS3 and helping businesses make money.
  • Glasgow
  • United Kingdom
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Powered by coffee is a Glasgow based digital agency that helps businesses reach success through building and implementing a digital strategy that includes website design, development and marketing. From implementing design ideas to optimizing content, Powered by coffee is a one stop shop for WordPress content and marketing big or small. Powered by coffee simplifies the process by starting with an idea, and then letting it evolve into a buzzing business.


ListWP WordPress Directory Powered by Coffee

Square Eye

We manage the online presence of many of Britain’s best barristers, providing content management, design, SEO, email marketing, compliance, mobile display, social media and web development services.
  • 10 Barley Mow Passage
  • London
  • United Kingdom
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Square Eye specializes in building websites for lawyers, law firms and notaries, and tackles the legal developments of the WordPress world. Focused on building the perfect brand, they take into account all the ethical limitations that legal websites are bound to, and create content that includes branding, social media marketing and SEO. Steeped in modern design and mobile application readiness, Square Eye puts its best foot forward to both bring success to failing websites and manage content for one of the most well known professions in the world.


ListWP WordPress Directory Square Eye

Grace at Work

Grace at Work provides a variety of services—which primarily include web design, web layout, managed hosting, & technology consulting.
  • Philadelphia
  • United States
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Grace at work is a WordPress development firm for the specific niche of mostly religious businesses. Grace at work builds websites mainly for churches, monasteries and other non-profit organizations, who operating on a budget. They strive to help these institutions get the word out without breaking the bank, and keeping the focus on the content. Their services include design and development, managed hosting, support, SEO, branding, photography and email marketing. Grace at work helps companies preach their ideas from development to implementation, with high quality graphics and intriguing visual designs.

ListWP WordPress Directory Grace at Work

ListWP WordPress Directory Grace at Work

Custom WordPress Solutions

Reaktiv Studios

We build powerful web solutions with WordPress.

For Reaktiv Studios, complex integrations is the name of the game. Recommended by popular blogger Chris Lima, Reaktiv takes pride in their ability to provide those intricate solutions that no other WordPress developer could have solved. They aim to face unknown WordPress challenges head on, and end up with solutions completely unique to any other company. Reakitv Studios is one part creative, one part expertise, one part massive coffee intake, and overall completely successful. More particularly, they specialize in multisite and network management.

ListWP WordPress Directory Reaktiv Studios

ListWP WordPress Directory Reaktiv Studios


Our professional coders convert your design into a high-quality, cross-browser compatible W3C Valid WordPress Theme.

CodeInWp puts the customer and their ideas first, every time. This WordPress development firm has managed to come up with a very interesting business model, where the customer sends their design ideas and psd files straight through their website, and CodeInWP puts it into code, creating 100% custom themes. They also create custom plugins and pretty, clean websites. According to the company, their unique way to work have managed to reduce web development costs by about 60% on average. The company tag line is “You Design. We Code.” CodeInWp creates a teamwork effort between the customer and the company for a collaborative development project with always unexpected results. The approach is unconventional, innovative, and successful.

ListWP WordPress Directory Codeinwp

ListWP WordPress Directory Codeinwp


We build software, content & community on WooCommerce. Helping you prosper with WordPress is our jam.
  • San Francisco
  • United States
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ProsPress specializes in developing eCommerce websites using WooCommerce. According to their website, they are a “tiny company standing on the shoulders of this giant eCommerce plugin,” hoping to improve it above and beyond what WooCommerce has already achieved. They offer 3 plugins for sale, all aimed to improve and enhance the standard WooCommerce capabilities and help businesses “prosper with WordPress”. ProsPress is also interested in furthering WordPress worldwide, by organizing local metopes, interviewing WordPress influencers and speaking at events across the globe.

ListWP WordPress Directory ProsPress

ListWP WordPress Directory ProsPress


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