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WordPress covers all types of businesses, including topics related to legal issues to companies. WordPress legal services cover everything from just asking experts legal questions to digitally signing documents. The following professionals can solve any legal dilemma or question easily from top lawyers around the world.

WordPress legal services help users to better understand the right and wrong ways to display or introduce content online. Plagiarism and copyright infringement are two issues users never have to deal with again with these helpful plugins. The best part: most of these services are user friendly and can help improve a WordPress site.

1) WP Legal and Stuff

WP Legal and Stuff

WP Legal and Stuff

Making the legal stuff easier.

WP Legal and Stuff lives to make the legal stuff easier for online users. Browse through dozens of posts on the latest in image attribution or check out the blog to find answers to legal questions you didn’t know you had. The site also allows users to ask real questions to legal experts and provides a helpful eBook.

ListWP Business Directory WPLegalStuff WordPress Legal

ListWP Business Directory WPLegalStuff

2) WP Legal Pages

WP Legal Pages

WP Legal Pages

Powerful WordPress Plugin that allows you to generate policy / legal pages for your website easily.

WP Legal Pages is a very practical plugin that allows users to create legal pages within WordPress. This plugin provides a wide range of templates from almost every legal topic that users can have to create legal documents. Find everything from a terms of use agreement to anti-spam to testimonial disclosures all in one convenient place.

ListWP Business Directory wplegalpages WordPress Legal

ListWP Business Directory wplegalpages

3) Lawyer Plugin

Lawyer Plugin

Lawyer Plugin

Lawyer Plugin™ is a free Wordpress Plugin for attorneys. Add thousands of resources to your law firm's website.

The Lawyer Plugin is the first WordPress plugin targeted to lawyers and law firms. The plugin is packed with thousands of documents and resources to help build a legal website in the legal field. There is everything from a peer-to-perf lawyer directory to legal practice areas to legal seo help and more.

ListWP Business Directory lawyerplugin WordPress Legal

ListWP Business Directory lawyerplugin

4) Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Plugin



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Everyone is familiar with agreeing to a terms of service or privacy policy in the digital age. but at least this plugin does it with some style. The Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Options plugin offers users a step by step process through terms of service to ease litigation between two parties. This plugin is helpful, necessary and important to avoid any unwanted legal situation.

ListWP Business Directory AutoTerms of Service and Privacy Policy WordPress Legal

ListWP Business Directory AutoTerms of Service and Privacy Policy

5) Credit Tracker

WP Solver

WP Solver

(formerly WP JEDI) Everything WordPress. Best WordPress themes, plugins, and tips.

Credit Tracker ensures that all users are giving credit where it’s due. This plugin lets users track image attributions on a website more effectively, to make sure nothing is being discredited or plagiarized. Credit Tracker lets users create organized tables with image information so users can always track where images came from and mistakes are nearly impossible to make.

ListWP Business Directory CreditTracker WordPress Legal

ListWP Business Directory CreditTracker

6) WP E-Signature

With WP E-Signature, signing documents online has never been easier.  Users can send, track and e-sign documents all in one place while keeping everything totally secure. This plugin, by Approve Me,is a real time saver for anyone needing to sign secure documents without stepping away from the computer.

ListWP Business Directory ApproveMe WordPress Legal

ListWP Business Directory ApproveMe

7) CookieCuttr



We make Wordpress Plugins.

CookieCuttr is the latest answers to complying with EU cookie law. Now maintained by PluginHero, this plugin lets users visually customize the legislation without breaking any rules. The plugin is equipped with abilities like enabling toolbars, cookies or overlay messages with just a few clicks of a button.

ListWP Business Directory CookieCuttr WordPress Legal

ListWP Business Directory CookieCuttr

8) Creative Commons Configurator Plugin

The Creative Commons Configuration Plugin helps users publish content under the terms of Creative Commons and similar licenses online. Users can control the display of the licensing information however they want right from the administration panel. This plugin is now maintained by G-Loaded Journal, and features plenty of customization, templates and localization.

ListWP Business Directory Creative Commons Configurator WordPress_Plugin___G-Loaded_Journal WordPress Legal

ListWP Business Directory Creative Commons Configurator WordPress Plugin G-Loaded Journal

9) Cookie Control



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Cookie Control is the most universally known plugin for cookie legislation compliance. Use the plugin to control user consent for the use of cookies on a user’s computer easily. This plugin easily links to privacy policies and has easy settings changes, so user’s will always be noticed with cookies appear on a website and what to do about them.

ListWP Business Directory CookieControl WordPress Legal

ListWP Business Directory CookieControl

10) WordPress LawGuru

Have legal questions? Ask the WordPress Law Guru. This site offers users  the chance to ask any pressing legal questions with answers provided by thousands of top experts. This site is totally and completely free for users, while nay and all past answers are also available. Also, find a lawyer, connect with other lawyers or search for the latest legal news all within the same website easily.

ListWP Business Directory LawGuru WordPress Legal

ListWP Business Directory LawGuru


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