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Most people who have ever logged into a website have used reCAPTCHA. reCAPTCHA is a human verification system for websites, which is an added layer of security at login. This added level of security also prevents spammers and bots from gaining access to your website.

reCAPTCHA is a free service available from the search engine giant Google. reCAPTCHA includes asking people to enter a string of numbers and letters into a box, or selecting images from a group that all have one specific trait.

This reCAPTCHA test will appear when users attempt to log into a website after providing a user name and password. These simple tests are simple to people to complete, but difficult for bots and spammers to solve.

In fact, reCAPTCHA images are distorted on purpose or have a confusing background, so software like bots can identify the images, numbers or letters. Bots and other software need a crisp image or clear text to be able to get the correct answer and bypass the reCAPTCHA.

For this reason, people also tend to struggle with getting reCAPTCHA correct on the first try, although most people get it using the image selections or listening to the audio. The text and numbers appear in different colors and in different sizes very single time.

In addition to user login, having reCAPTCHA on your website is an important feature for form submissions. Form submissions are a great way to get information from potential customers on your website.

Having a form submission on your website allows users to provide their name and information, as well as questions or comments they have. Bots and spammers can also target this form feature on a website, so having a reCAPTCHA keeps them out.

Forms usually include data like addresses, names, phone numbers, comments, etc. But other ways of collecting data can include images, video, surveys, charts, and more. The possibilities are nearly infinite.

This information is essential for business directories and membership directories, as information can be easily acquired and organized. Adding a reCAPTCHA ensures that only relevant and helpful users can access content on your WordPress website.

Also, reCAPTCHA can also be turned on or off in the settings, so if you want reCAPTCHA but not all the time, you can make that happen. With forms, you can choose to have the reCAPTCHA on or off, and it’s just one click of a button in the settings.

1) reCAPTCHA With The Business Directory Community Add-On

The Business Directory Community Add-On for WordPress by CreativeMinds lets users add, claim or manage their business directory listings. This add-on lets non logged-in users add new businesses or claim and mange existing ones.

Since this add-on works without a user being logged-in, bots and spammers have no need to go through a login and get stopped by a reCAPTCHA. However, the add-on functionality is that users don’t need to login and websites want only valid users to be able to access it.

reCAPTCHA is still very helpful in this add-on, but in another way. Instead of a log-in, users use a form submission which is equipped with a reCAPTCHA for submitting and managing listings. The form is also easy to place on pages thanks to a simple shortcode.

In addition, admin are encouraged to provide an email and a password after claiming a listing to easily manage the page. This email and password can be used in place of a WordPress login. This way, non-WordPress users can easily get backend access.

Also, in the event that the password is forgotten, a forgotten password link can be sent out to the business owner to the registered email. The admin can use a reCAPTCHA to verify the new password to the registered email.


Most people are familiar with reCAPTCHA, and have used is many times. reCAPTCHA is an excellent and quick security measure to ensure that your information or website is not falling into the hands of spammers or bots online.

reCAPTCHA is a simple string of number and letters, which can be also be explained in an audio file, that appears as an extra check that the person attempting a login is in fact a human.

In addition to being a main feature on most website login pages, reCAPTCHA is also a great addition to form submissions, as they are another way for spammers to get and access your website.

Having reCAPTCHA is a simple and effective way to make sure your only giving access to your website to users or potential customers. Completing reCAPTCHA takes just a few clicks of a button and in the event that the reCAPTCHA is misstyped, a new sequence of numbers appears.

reCAPTCHA can usually only be repeated a few times before an account is flagged for suspicious activity, as most humans can effectively type in the reCAPTCHA or click the pictures. This is an easy way to identify bots and add them to your blocked list.

The Business Directory Community Add-On is a good choice for using reCAPTCHA on a directory. It allows non-logged in users to create, claim and manage directory listings. Having a reCAPTCHA means bots and spammers can try to access the management of listings.

Anyone can use reCAPTCHA with WordPress. reCAPTCHA is a good way to add some security to your WordPress website, your business or membership directory, and contact form. Adding reCAPTCHA is a simple step to ensure your website is being accessed by actual users.