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Tooltip Glossary Plugin

Elevate your WordPress site with a comprehensive glossary plugin that enhances SEO and user engagement through seamless integration of ChatGPT and Wikipedia insights. This multilingual tool offers encyclopedic insights and customizable tooltips, making your site an essential knowledge hub.

Take your WordPress site to greater heights of utility with the ultimate glossary plugin. This robust tool allows you to seamlessly create a broad knowledge base, greatly improving user engagement and clarity. It’s designed with an advanced internal linking structure that not only bolsters your site’s SEO but also enriches it with a plethora of information from external sources like ChatGPT and Wikipedia.


Features List:

  • Template Selection: Choose from 18 distinct templates to tailor the appearance of your glossary index. Options include various displays such as lists, boxes, and image-based formats.
  • Multilingual Capabilities: Create glossaries in various languages, including but not limited to English and French.
  • Alphabetical Glossary: Feature a glossary organized from A to Z, with customizable letter ordering and the inclusion of additional symbols.
  • Shortcode Integration: Utilize shortcodes to construct multiple glossaries and embed them within any page or post. Shortcodes can also be used to attach tooltips to terms outside the glossary index.
  • Personalized Design: Craft a bespoke glossary page for your WordPress plugin by personalizing the design of the index and tooltip visuals.
  • SEO Enhancement: Improve your site’s SEO by integrating a glossary term list that creates beneficial internal links. This feature is compatible with Yoast SEO.
  • Categorized Terms: Develop categories within your glossary and link terms accordingly, enabling visitors to filter terms by category. This also facilitates the creation of several glossaries on a single website.
  • Tagging System: Implement tags to categorize words and phrases, making them easily searchable.
  • Abbreviation Inclusion: Incorporate acronyms and abbreviations into your glossary. Decide whether to highlight these abbreviated terms within posts and pages.
  • Content Association: Automatically generate a list of related pages and posts connected to a term on its glossary page.
  • Exclusion/Inclusion Lists: Opt to exclude certain terms/categories from being processed, or create a list of terms/categories specifically included on a particular page or post.
  • Term Management: Import and export terms to and from your glossary using a .csv file, aiding in the construction of your dictionary, wiki, encyclopedia, or glossary.
  • Enhanced Tooltips: Offer users a smooth experience with clean tooltips, which can include images and videos.
  • Footnote Functionality: Instead of tooltips, provide footnote links that display a list of definitions at the end of an article.
  • Integration with External APIs: Access definitions from external sources such as Wikipedia, ChatGPT, Google Translate, and others.


This plugin goes beyond mere content addition; it aims to cater to a diverse audience with its multilingual support and thoughtful product recommendations. With its encyclopedia-like features, you can amass a wealth of data, making your site an essential reference for visitors. The plugin enhances site navigation by offering adjustable tooltips that can be displayed throughout your site or on chosen pages, emphasizing important glossary terms for easy access.

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