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WordPress Video Lessons Manager Plugin

Launch a full-featured video LMS on your WordPress site with Video Lessons Manager, offering a streamlined dashboard and advanced tools for payments, quizzes, and certifications, creating an interactive eLearning experience with rich video content.

The Video Lessons Manager plugin for WordPress is a comprehensive solution for creating dynamic video courses, providing a straightforward setup for a video-based LMS on your website. It provides a distinct dashboard for managing eLearning and adds value to the educational process with features such as payment gateways, quizzes, and certificates.


Essential Features:

  • Vimeo Integration: Effortlessly incorporate Vimeo videos, including private ones, into your courses, accessible to users with any Vimeo account.
  • Wistia Support: Leverage Wistia for hosting videos across all courses, suitable for users with any account status.
  • File Attachments: Enrich your courses by attaching various files like PDFs, slides, and documents.
  • Customizable Templates: Modify the presentation of your courses, including details about the author and video content.
  • Video Sequencing: Conveniently organize your videos within lessons using a drag-and-drop mechanism.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Gain insights into user interactions and progress with in-depth analytics.
  • Shortcodes: Place videos, lessons, or dashboards anywhere on your site with versatile shortcodes.
  • Notes Dashboard: Empower users to record notes for lessons and manage them in the admin area.
  • Video Search: Locate videos in your courses by searching for titles, descriptions, or user annotations.
  • Learner’s Dashboard: Equip students with a personal dashboard to oversee their learning trajectory.
  • Progress Tracking: Show the viewing status of videos in a playlist, including the extent of completion.
  • Payment Options: Offer structured paid access to lessons with diverse payment arrangements.
  • Quiz Feature: Develop quizzes with custom questions to evaluate student knowledge.
  • Certification: Bestow certificates to students who complete lessons or courses.
  • MicroPayments Integration: Facilitate video lesson access by utilizing virtual points.


Integrating the Video Lessons Manager plugin turns your website into an active eLearning environment, replete with interactive video lessons and tools for monetization, establishing it as an indispensable asset for enhanced online learning.

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