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WordPress User Registration Plugin

The WordPress user registration and login plugin presents personalized entry and sign-up interfaces, bolstered by the convenience of social media logins. It further offers a suite of functionalities including management of invitation codes, verification of new user emails, payment integration, and oversight of user roles.

Our plugin boosts your website by offering custom sign-in and registration forms, along with social media login options via Google and Facebook, streamlining the entry process for a secure and user-friendly experience.


Key Features:

  • Popup Forms: Integrate sleek popup forms for login and registration that work without refreshing the page.
  • Social Media Integration: Allow users to register using their Facebook or Google accounts for convenience.
  • User-Generated Invitations: Users can create and send custom invitations, controlling the specifics.
  • Invitation Codes: Secure the sign-up process with invitation codes, compatible with plugins like Gravity Forms.
  • reCAPTCHA: Add Google reCAPTCHA to forms to prevent spam and automated abuse.
  • Persistent Page Presence: Users stay on the current page after logging in or registering.
  • Redirection Control: Direct users to specific URLs post-login or logout.
  • Email Verification: Require email confirmation after registration for added security.
  • Account Cleanup: Automatically remove unverified accounts after a set time.
  • Invitation Code Management: Manage the scope of each invitation code, including its validity and email exclusivity.
  • IP Restrictions: Limit registration and login to specified IP addresses.
  • Age Verification: Incorporate an age check in the registration process.
  • Customized Email Alerts: Automate personalized emails for account actions like activation, deletion, and password resets.
  • Payment Integration: Include payment options during registration, supported by WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Enhanced Security: Improve login security with two-factor authentication via the Secure Login plugin.


This plugin not only simplifies user access but also ensures a private and managed registration environment with its invitation-only codes. It further secures user accounts with email verification, integrates payments for services, and provides detailed control over user roles, making it a comprehensive user management tool for WordPress sites.

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