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WordPress Question and Answer Plugin

Elevate your site’s community dialogue with our WordPress Forum plugin, creating a dynamic Q&A ecosystem. Our WordPress Questions and Answers plugin delivers extensive moderation, AI-driven engagement, and monetization features for an enriched user experience.

Boost your site’s community interaction with the WordPress Forum plugin, turning it into an active discussion platform or a detailed Q&A resource. This plugin is crafted to foster user engagement by enabling the exchange of questions and answers, lively discussions, and voting on the most valuable responses.


Features List:

  • User Engagement: Enable voting on questions and answers, and allow authors to highlight the ‘Best Answer’.
  • Structured Organization: Categorize discussions and add custom fields for detailed queries within your CM Answers plugin.
  • Enhanced Discoverability: Tag questions with keywords to facilitate topic searches.
  • Interactive Dialogue: Permit comments on any thread and support file attachments with a drag-and-drop feature, including a download forum option.
  • Privacy Options: Offer private answers and questions visible only to specific users.
  • Personalized Experience: Provide user profiles showcasing individual contributions and statistics, along with Gravatar icons.
  • Content Moderation: Implement a bad words filter to maintain forum decorum.
  • Activity Insights: Display user activity levels with a posting meter widget.
  • AI Assistance: Integrate ChatGPT to generate AI-powered responses in chosen categories.
  • Economic Interaction: Use MicroPayments integration to require virtual points for posting answers.
  • Detailed Analytics: Track forum activity with logs and statistics.
  • Prompt Updates: Send email notifications for new answers and enable users to subscribe to category-specific discussions.


The WordPress Questions and Answers plugin simplifies forum administration by providing strong moderation features, regulated access, and easy file attachment to discussions. It enhances user experience by integrating ChatGPT’s AI for automated responses and includes a payment feature for question submissions, ensuring a fluid and engaging user journey.

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