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WordPress FAQ Plugin

Install a WordPress FAQ plugin that simplifies question discovery with an AJAX search bar and leverages ChatGPT to automatically respond to user inquiries, boosting your website’s support capabilities.

Implement a WordPress FAQ plugin featuring an AJAX search bar for effortless navigation. Integrate ChatGPT to auto-answer user queries, elevating your site's user support system.


Feature Highlights:

  • FAQ Segment Creation: Carve out a dedicated space for FAQs on your website.
  • Distinct FAQ Posts: Craft individual posts for each FAQ to offer detailed insights.
  • FAQ Grouping: Systematically organize FAQs into categories with their own index pages for better structure.
  • Tag Cloud Search: Implement a tag cloud for faster FAQ retrieval.
  • Ajax Search Interaction: Embed an Ajax search bar for active user engagement.
  • FAQ Voting Feature: Introduce a voting system for users to rate the usefulness of FAQs.
  • Content Linking Widget: Deploy a widget that connects to related FAQs post-reading.
  • Clear FAQ Classification: Sort FAQs into well-defined categories and subcategories.
  • Search Autocomplete: Incorporate an autocomplete feature for quick question searches.
  • Stylized FAQ Accordion: Customize the FAQ accordion’s aesthetics to fit your site’s theme.
  • Plugin Language Customization: Modify the plugin’s text to resonate with your site’s voice.
  • FAQ Display Shortcodes: Implement shortcodes for displaying FAQs in specific categories.
  • REST API FAQ Retrieval: Use the REST API for efficient FAQ data access and pagination management.
  • Inclusive Community Input: Open up question submissions to all users, moderated for content quality.
  • ChatGPT-Powered Answers: Leverage ChatGPT to provide instant, automated answers within the FAQ section.


Construct a user-centric FAQ section on your WordPress site complemented by an AJAX search bar with autocomplete for easy question discovery.

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