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User Submitted Posts Plugin

Streamline content creation and elevate user interaction with a WordPress plugin, offering easy post submission and media handling, complemented by revenue generation through established payment platforms.

Boost your site’s functionality by enabling users to easily submit articles, check drafts & add pictures through a streamlined front-end form. The WordPress Frontend Posting plugin facilitates Frontend Publishing while maintaining the backend for admin use.


Features List:

  • Effortless Post Management: The plugin’s front-end design enables users to easily submit, edit, and oversee their posts.
  • Extensive Classification Options: It allows for meticulous organization of posts by incorporating categories, tags, and other taxonomies via the submission portal.
  • Hyperlink Submission Block: A built-in option exists to restrict the insertion of links in the content of posts.
  • Draft Saving Capability: Contributors can opt to save their posts as drafts before officially submitting them.
  • Support for Rich Media: Administrators may allow the inclusion of rich media content, such as images and videos, in posts.
  • Editing Features and Image Upload: Equipped with an HTML-friendly editor, the plugin also facilitates the uploading of a featured image for each post.
  • Controlled Post Submission: Administrators can decide if new posts go live immediately or require moderation before publication.
  • Dashboard for User Posts: A shortcode-driven dashboard is available for users to manage their posts on the front end.
  • Acknowledgment Disclaimer for Submissions: A disclaimer can be set up for users to agree to during the submission process.
  • Guest Submission Accessibility: The plugin supports anonymous post submissions, with different status settings than those for logged-in users.
  • ReCaptcha Security: Google ReCaptcha v2 secures the form against misuse, with customizable requirements for different user roles.
  • Pay-to-Post Feature: Integration with payment platforms like WooCommerce allows for monetization of post submissions.
  • Virtual Points for Posting: The plugin can incorporate a virtual points system for accessing or submitting posts.
  • Social Profile Posting: Users can publish posts directly from their PeepSo profiles, promoting social connectivity.
  • Advanced Field Additions: Compatibility with Advanced Custom Fields enables the addition of diverse custom fields to the form.


Additionally, it’s compatible with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads & MicroPayments, allowing site owners to charge for user submissions.

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