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Justin Tadlock

Position: Web Developer at Theme Hybrid


Do you ever think you can be two people at once? Well, that’s me sometimes.

See, I was born and raised a country boy in the Deep South. I grew up in a tiny place called Highland Home in a remote area of Alabama. Growing up, I always had dreams of “the big city.” Sure, I was a country boy at heart, but I always longed for something bigger and better.

When I headed to college in 2002, I was fortunate enough to attend Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, which is a beautiful city with a country attitude. It was the best of both worlds. I could have a nice day out watching the squirrels but still have access to Best Buy a few minutes down the road (any city that has a Best Buy is “the big city” in my book). Plus, the college girls were not above wearing cowboy boots and short skirts.

After earning my degree, I headed off to live in Atlanta, Georgia. Soon after, I cruised overseas to teach English in Seoul, South Korea, one of the largest cities in the world. I loved every minute of it.

I eventually made my way back to where I am now — smalltown Alabama. I love it here, but I miss the big city life too. It’s more the diversity I miss than anything else. Down here, there’s plenty of trailer-trash hicks, wannabe rich people, and a whole lot of nice people in between. Mostly, they’re all good country folk at heart. I don’t necessarily fit in with the gun-totin’-Bible-thumpin’ crowd, but it’s home. It’ll always be home, no matter where I am in the world.

I moved back home to get back in touch with my roots. I wanted to write The Great Southern American novel. Yeah, I need to get on that.


Auburn University
Bachelor of Arts (BA), English
2002 – 2007


Web Developer
Theme Hybrid
August 2008 – Present