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WordPress Telegram Bot Plugin

Elevate your business operations with the WordPress Telegram bot plugin, a dynamic solution that enhances your efficiency by enabling real-time automation of tasks and messaging across numerous Telegram channels and groups.

Boost your business processes with the cutting-edge WordPress Telegram bot plugin. This versatile tool automates various types of communication, such as messages, emails, and SMS, through Telegram chats, streamlining your business tasks.


Key Features:

  • Message Archiving: Archive messages from a chosen group and display them on WordPress using a shortcode.
  • Email Redirection: Automatically send Telegram messages to specified email addresses, with filters to block unwanted responses.
  • Conditional Group Messaging: Message all group members based on specific conditions and mention users directly.
  • Automated Channel Posts: Send pre-determined messages on Telegram channels triggered by keyword detection.
  • SMS Sync: Duplicate Telegram group conversations to SMS on a mobile phone.
  • Targeted SMS Alerts: Issue SMS notifications based on the mention of particular keywords.
  • Selective Keyword Response: Engage bot actions exclusively when predefined keywords appear.
  • Keyword-Based Exclusions: Initiate bot actions when certain keywords are not present.
  • Temporary Bot Deactivation: Pause bot operations momentarily to prevent spam.
  • Anti-Spam Timing: Implement message rules periodically to deter spam.
  • Frequency Control: Limit bot actions to once per time period for detected keywords.
  • Shortcode Triggers: Activate website shortcodes through Telegram messages.
  • Detailed Message Logs: Maintain logs of all messages, active rule or not.
  • Effortless Setup: Configure easily with just the Telegram API key and group info.
  • Reliable SMS Delivery: Rely on Amazon SNS for global SMS coverage.
  • Language Versatility: Support for various languages, including Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, and Hebrew.


This plugin is an invaluable tool for enhancing task management and increasing efficiency within the app, with the added benefit of multi-channel functionality for comprehensive Telegram integration.

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