TOC On Multiple Pages: Parent Page



It is possible to display a Table of Contents for multiple different pages using the Table of Contents plugin.

This allows for the key content across different pages to be displayed on one or all of the pages to assist navigation.

To implement this, pages that are needed to be clustered in the same table of contents must be related as Parent / Child pages.

This demo page shows how it works - you can use table of contents to navigate between the pages.

On this and other pages you can see the guide about how to configure single TOC for multiple pages.

Settings - First Steps

The first setting that we need to enable is optional.

This setting is called Include the pages parent/child elements in the TOC by default? and can be found in plugin settings.

It allows to automatically include parent and child pages heading to the common TOC.

This guide is divided to 3 pages, to demonstrate the ability of TOC to navigate between related pages.

To continue reading this guide, click on the needed chapter in TOC.

CreativeMinds Table of Contents Plugin for WordPress allows to helps users easily navigate your posts. The TOC plugin can automatically generate and insert an easy to use, user friendly navigation section to the post headers. The index makes readers’ life much easier as they can simply click on the headings to be taken to the content.

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