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Displaying Businesses on a Map

This demo page shows the Google map with all listed businesses (which specified their addresses).
Clicking on each business on the map will redirect you to the coressponding business page.

Below the map, you can find the guide about how it was done.

How to Configure Map Integration?

First of all, You need to install and activate the CM Map Locations plugin.

Then you need to create and configure a Google API and insert them in corresponding fields in both plugins:

After it's done, you can configure the integration in CM Business Directory plugin settings: enable the integration, define the map position in the directory and decide if the map should be displayed on page load.

Additionaly you can configure the appearance and behavior of the map. It can be done in the CM Map Locations plugin settings.

As a result, the map can be display on the index page showing the filtered businesses on the map. The map can be showed or hidden by clicking on the button.

The map with all existing business can be displayed separately using the shortcode [сmloc-business]

This shortcode allows to change the map theme, specify certain category of businesses to display on the map, control displaying search bar and filters, and specify the size of the map.

Here are a few examples of maps with different themes showing certain categories:

Category: "Blogs", Theme: Silver

Category: "Plugins", Theme: Dark

Category: "Services", Theme: Aubergine

Category: "Development", Theme: Retro

Category: "Design", Theme: Night

Category: "Support", Theme: Standard (with OSM layer)

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