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This demo page shows the appearance of the business directory with the Ecommerce View.

Below the directory, you can find the guide about how it was done.

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  • Education and Communications
  • Front-end Development
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  • Useful Tools
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How to Create and Configure the Directory Page?

Automatically Created Directory Page

First of all, the plugin automatically creates the index page. This is a simple page which contains the shortcode [сmbd_business]

The link to this page can be found on above the plugin settings. The page is defined as the index page by specifying it in the option "Business Index Page ID".

In the plugin settings, you can configure what should be displayed on the business directory page - how many businesses per page, search/sort/filter bars, pagination, etc.

And there are also settings for the business directory appearance configuration - choosing the view style and options for each view style. The Ecommerce View doesn't have its own settings.

Manually Created Directory Page

The business directory can be placed on any other post/page, and some global plugin parameters can be overridden with the help of the shortcode.

To display business directory on the current page, we used the shortcode with the following parameters:

[сmbd_business view="modern" page_business="10" hidecustomtaxonomies="1"]

For displaying, we used Ecommerce View, disabled custom taxonomies above the directory items (as they're forced to display next to the directory items). We also defined to display maximum 10 businesses per page.

You can see the full list of the shortcode parameters on the screenshot below:

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For more information go to the plugin product page

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