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WordPress Download and File Manager

Our plugin ensures secure file handling with password protection, selective access, and payment integration for a seamless user experience.

The WordPress File Manager plugin is a comprehensive system designed for the secure transmission and sharing of a variety of media content, such as documents, videos, and images. Its purpose is to simplify the management and dissemination of digital files while maintaining high security standards.


Feature Summary:

  • Bulk File Uploads: Upgrade your download pages by uploading multiple files simultaneously, giving users the choice to download them one by one or in a single zip file.
  • Audio Previews: Listen to audio and mp3 files through an embedded player before downloading.
  • Image Slideshow: Create a visual narrative with a slideshow for downloadable images.
  • File Organization: Neatly categorize files into a multi-tiered system for better file management.
  • ZIP Options: Compress an entire file collection or select specific files or categories into a ZIP file for download.
  • Video Sampling: Get a sneak peek of mp4 and other video files using the on-site video player before you download.
  • Document Previews with Google Docs: Check out documents and spreadsheets via Google Docs integration before downloading, supporting a wide range of file formats.
  • User Profiles: Each user gets a personal page displaying their uploads and essential details.
  • Selective File Visibility: Limit file access to ensure users can only see their own uploads or those shared by administrators.
  • Access Permissions: Fine-tune who can view or upload files with specific permissions for individuals or groups.
  • Password-Protected Downloads: Assign passwords to particular downloads to limit who can access them.
  • User Verification for Downloads: Collect names and emails before a download to keep track of user activity and grow your contact list.
  • Social Network Integration: Log in to the file directory using social media accounts from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google.
  • Profitable Downloads: Set individual prices for downloading or uploading files with the Payments Add-on, requiring payment before access.
  • Exclusive Client Area: The Secure Client Zone add-on creates a confidential area for users and managers to share and manage files, with notifications and analytics included. Administrators can also distribute files to specific groups and set passwords for particular downloads.


This plugin makes it straightforward to enhance the security of your files, offering unique passwords for protection, access control by user or group, and versatile payment options like credit cards, PayPal, or digital wallets. These features ensure that your content is shared securely and only with those permitted.

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