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WordPress Multi Location Map

Optimize your WordPress site with the Multi Locations map plugin, featuring an efficient store locator & Google Maps integration. Benefit from interactive elements such as zip code search, lively markers & a full-featured API for a richer user experience & seamless location handling.

The Multi Locations map plugin for WordPress streamlines the management of various locations and integrates a user-friendly store locator using Google Maps. It’s an essential tool for businesses that want to offer a visual directory of their store locations on their website.


Feature List:

  • Google Maps Integration: Seamlessly incorporate locations into Google Maps, offering views in Terrain, Satellite, or Standard modes.
  • Detailed Location Information: Supply detailed descriptions for each location, complete with addresses and contact info such as websites, phone numbers, and emails, accessible through tooltips or specific pages.
  • Visual Media Galleries: Augment location pages with galleries of photos and videos.
  • Easy Location Addition: Provide a straightforward interface featuring search, geolocation, and polygon drawing tools for location entry.
  • Personalized Dashboard: Enable users to oversee their locations via a personal dashboard, with options to add or modify entries.
  • Location Ratings: Introduce a star-based rating system for location assessment by users.
  • Informative Map Overlays: Offer layers of additional data like traffic and public transport routes using tiles from OpenStreetMap or comparable sources.
  • Custom Geometric Shapes: Mark important regions using customizable geometric shapes such as lines, rectangles, or circles.
  • Dynamic Tooltips: Equip map markers with dynamic tooltips that display customizable information.
  • Direct Navigation Links: Generate direct links for Waze and Google Directions for each location.
  • API for Location Addition: Facilitate the addition of locations through external websites or apps via a REST API.
  • Live Weather Updates: Display the current weather conditions near each location.
  • Open Contributions: Allow anonymous users to propose locations, subject to moderation, reCAPTCHA verification, and agreement to Terms of Service.
  • Real-Time Location Sharing: Permit users to share their current location on Google Maps, utilizing the HTML5 Geolocation API.
  • Community Feature Integration: Collaborate with PeepSo to enable community members to establish and converse about map points of interest, pending admin approval.


This interactive map plugin enhances user experience with features like on-map tooltips, detailed location descriptions, zip code search functionality, and custom markers. Users can also view images for each location, making it a visually informative resource. The plugin’s API support extends its capabilities, allowing for real-time location reporting, temporary location pins, and the addition of diverse map layers, themes, and navigational aids to enrich the interactive map.

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