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WordPress Curated Lists Manager

The WP Curated Lists Manager plugin streamlines the curation and presentation of content on WordPress, making it a valuable tool for content marketing and knowledge base development with its efficient categorization and tagging.

Curated Lists Manager from CreativeMinds offers a dynamic way to manage and share information through curated lists.


Feature Overview:

  • List Creation Flexibility: Design and integrate a variety of lists within your site’s pages or posts.
  • Dynamic Tagging: Utilize a visual tagging system with color customization for efficient organization and item filtering.
  • Link Personalization: Employ icons or checkboxes for items, with the latter option allowing for user progress tracking.
  • Rapid Item Search: Swiftly locate items using text, categories, or tags.
  • Interactive User Engagement: Facilitate user participation with a voting system for item approval or disapproval.
  • Hierarchical Categories: Construct detailed category levels for thorough list organization.
  • Selective Content Display: Regulate content visibility based on user credentials and roles.
  • Convenient Link Addition: Add links to lists effortlessly with a browser bookmarklet tool.
  • Versatile Display Options: Use widgets or shortcodes for category displays, with access tailored to user roles.
  • Easy Data Migration: Transfer link information between sites with CSV file export/import capabilities.
  • Link Functionality Assurance: Automatically and manually verify the operational status of links.
  • Intuitive List Management: Sort categories and items with a user-friendly drag-and-drop system.
  • 404 Error Handling: Manage and rectify 404 errors from a dedicated control panel.
  • Document Association: Link up to three documents to each item for enriched content.
  • Multimedia List Enhancement: Incorporate YouTube or Vimeo videos into list items for a multimedia experience.


The WP Curated Lists Manager plugin is a powerful asset for content organization and presentation, ideal for content marketing and building an informative WordPress knowledge base.

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